Doe Deere and her Successful Makeup Line “Lime Crime”

Doe Deere always had a love for creativity. She was always unique and had a passion for entrepreneurship from the age of thirteen, when she sold semi permanent tattoos to strangers and friends. She was born in Russia, then moved to New York at a young age to pursue a career in fashion and design. She created her own clothing and started her own line called ‘Lime Crime.’ She sold her own clothing on eBay. In creating her clothing, she didn’t have the bright and bold colored makeup she desired to match her clothing, so she started creating her own.


In creating her own makeup, she realized that she wanted to make a career out of it, and so she did. She created “Lime Crime.” She launched her first products in 2008, and she promoted them by making makeup tutorials using her own makeup. She also did giveaways and this had a significance in promoting her makeup line. Her business took the internet by storm and quickly gained loyal customers.


Doe has a love for all creatures, therefor her products are all cruelty free and certified vegan. Her products are not tested on animals. Doe is also known as the “Unicorn Queen” of the makeup industry, so it’s no surprise that she made the mascot for her makeup line a unicorn. The unicorn was meant to represent love and equality for all creatures.


Lime Crime has evolved over the years and now has over three million followers on Instagram, the business is booming and being talked about everywhere. Doe’s unique makeup is being sold all over the world.


Doe Deere always loved fairytales and makeup, so she twisted the two together and created something so unique. You can see her love for fairytales in her work. Each product of her line has a unique name that reveals Doe’s passion in fairytales. She also has unique colors. Everything about Lime Crime is fun and unique.


Lime Crime has several different products. They sell eye shadow, loose pigments, highlighter, unicorn lipstick, matte lipstick, metallic lipstick, pop on nails, sparkly makeup brushes, and more. Lime Crime also created some new semi permanent hair dye with several different colors to choose from.


Doe takes her work seriously and she plans on expanding her fantasy and dreams for her makeup line. She prides in making her customers happy, and selling the top of the line makeup products.


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Robert Ivy Encourages Architects To Remain Open-Minded

Robert Ivy has been outspoken in recent years about the need for design and architect professionals to collaborate with other industries. This need stems from the ability of architecture to play a vital role in helping curb health-related issues of the 21st century namely diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

Ivy has always been on the forefront of innovation in the architectural industry. As the Chief Executive Officer and President of the American Institute of Architecture, Ivy feels it is his responsibility to expand the reach of the field. Ivy was named as CEO and President of the AIA after nearly 30 years of experience as an architect, critic, publisher, and author.

Ivy attended Sewanee: The University of the South where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in English and graduate cum laude. He then moved south to New Orleans where he attended Tulane University and received a master’s degree in Architecture in 1981. He received an off to join the long-time architectural firm, Dean/Dale and Dean in Jackson, Mississippi as an associate. Ivy soon was promoted to a principal at the firm and it became known as Dean/Dale, Dean & Ivy.

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While working as an architect, Ivy began to become known in the industry as an avid critic. His work was feature in numerous magazine, newsletters, and industry publications. He wrote and published the authoritative biographer of Fay Jones, titled Fay Jones: Architect. This book became wildly popular and is currently on its third printing.

Ivy left the firm in 1996 and became the Editorial Director at McGraw-Hill Construction Media and the Editor in Chief of the Architectural Record, the leading industry magazine. His work has been given numerous awards and accolades over the years and Ivy is largely considered the biggest proponent of architecture in the world. His work has earned him the ever-prestigious “Master Architect” distinction from Alpha Ro Chi, one of only seven such distinctions given in over 100 years.

Robert Ivy has been actively encouraging architects to work with local city and state planners to design parks and buildings that encourage exercise and healthy living. This can include things such as designing building with stairs and parks that require physical activity to access them. By collaborating with other industries, architecture can help solve the health issues that face the world today such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

Ivy believes that we all have a responsibility to solve these problems and that architecture and design do not have to be compromised in the mean time. He calls for architects all over the world, via his role as CEO of AIA, to open themselves up to working with other industries and remain open-minded.

Shopping For Easter With Roberto Santiago’s Mall

One of the reasons for people to go shopping at Manaira Shopping, one of Roberto Santiago’s mall, is that it has something for every season. There are always stores that are looking to take advantage of all of the seasons. One thing people are preparing for is a change of seasons. Fall is around the corner. One of the most important times of fall is Easter. This is when people who celebrate this time of the year get to do all of the shopping. This is also one of the times of the year where people get to get ready for a new phase in life.


When people shop for seasonal items, the best thing for them to do is look to various stores in order to find some good promotions. Given the size of the mall, there are a ton of different stores that sell similar items. Therefore, it is easy to find some kind of deal for any season. As a matter of fact, one of the best things to do when shopping is looking for some kind of promotion that can save money for the individual. Collecting coupons to use or looking for sales is the best way to buy items without spending a whole paycheck.


One good thing about fall is that this is the time when people are starting to come back from all of the hot days. They are getting ready to enjoy the cooler weather and start shopping for the upcoming cooler seasons. While people are getting ready for the upcoming winter in Brazil, this means finding some items that are a little more covered. Longer sleeved items are going to be good for the cooling weather.


Manaira Shopping is a great place to shop for all of the seasons because the mall has a ton of different items for people to enjoy at different places. People can enjoy a wide variety of food at the food court. This is one of the best aspects of the shopping experience that Roberto Santiago offers with one of his malls. The best part is that he looks into ways to attract more customers in the ever changing market.


The Success of RBS Group and Duda Melzer

Brazil is a country that is developing rapidly. Many people are moving to Brazil in search of better jobs. The oil industry is one of the most critical sectors in the entire country. The oil industry has boomed over the past few years.

Duda Melzer Digital is one of the most prominent business leaders in the oil industry. He is excited about all of the changes taking place in the industry. Duda Melzer founded RBS Group many years ago. Since that time, he has worked hard to make RBS Group the leading oil company in Brazil.

Starting RBS Group

Starting an oil company is a long and arduous process. Few people have the capital needed to start a large company. Duda Melzer went to multiple investing firms to pitch his idea. He finally received an initial capital investment from an investor. Check out Globo for more.

Instead of borrowing money, Duda Melzer sold an equity position in RBS Group. That equity position is now worth many times what the investor paid for it. Both Duda Melzer and the investor are happy with the growth of RBS Group.

Future Plans

Duda Melzer is the type of person who is always trying to improve. He focuses on key areas in his business each day. He is currently bidding on new oil fields in Brazil. He wants to increase oil production at RBS Group in 2018.

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Dick DeVos Is a Spirited Man

Why bother with a life that doesn’t have a positive impact on anyone? Why lead a life that’s hollow and meaningless? There are many great things about being alive. The ability to make essential changes is only one of them. Dick DeVos certainly has things that make him feel great. He also doesn’t hide the fact that he has a lot of dissatisfaction. There are many people in his position who would choose to turn a blind eye to all of the world’s problems. DeVos never ever does that, though. Betsy DeVos doesn’t ever do that, either. She’s his humanitarian wife. They get their hands dirty. They don’t brush off issues that affect society. They don’t simply pretend that they don’t exist like so many others do. That just isn’t their style.


Dick DeVos wants to safeguard the cities, towns and communities that he cherishes. He cherishes Grand Rapids in Michigan for clear reasons. He’s been leading an idyllic Michigan existence for ages. His wife has a similar Michigan background. Holland, Michigan is her cozy home. DeVos tries his best to stop problems from affecting Grand Rapids. He loathed an arena construction effort that was a possibility in 1991. His emotions prompted him to lobby against the notion. There are some people who let dissatisfaction and anger consume them. DeVos is nothing like these individuals. He doesn’t let negative feelings eat him up inside. He analyzes scenarios and then comes up with solutions that can help him feel a lot better. He devises promising solutions that can be advantageous to other people in the world, too. DeVos doesn’t only think about his own well-being. He likes being able to help others. That prompted him to begin his involvement in politics. That prompted him to be the best businessman possible toward the start of his enviable career, too.


There are many factors that may have brought on DeVos’ charitable and sincere personality. Amway is a company that has a strong recognition factor all around the planet. It’s actually his family business. DeVos spent his youth watching his father manage all sorts of entrepreneurship duties. This may have sealed the deal for him. DeVos has been a solid team member for so many companies over the years. He’s been the big guy at Amway. The Windquest Group is another business that has gotten a lot from DeVos’ abilities. The Windguest Group is in lovely Grand Rapids on Monroe Avenue.


DeVos is fascinated by airplanes and aviation overall. This naturally has encouraged his interest in airports. He focuses on assisting Michigan airports in many ways. Gerald R. Ford International Airport tends to the travel requirements of people who are based in and around Grand Rapids. It used to flounder in the direct route department. That just isn’t the case right now, though. People who are happy about that can show DeVos gratitude. People who have a thirst for aviation knowledge can show him gratitude, too. Aviation education is among his biggest recent causes.


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Aloha Construction, Great Company!

If you are in the state of Illinois of Wisconsin and you are looking to make improvements to your home then Aloha Construction is the right place for you. Aloha Construction has two locations located in convenient place in Illinois. One of their offices is located in Bloomington, IL. The other location is located in Lake Zurich, IL. Over the years Aloha Construction has worked hard to build an amazing reputation for themselves. They are a family based and family owned company and they behave as such. Most customers enjoy Aloha’s services because their staff members are super kind, honest and professional.

Aloha provides all customers with free home inspections. With the inspection, one of Aloha’s trusted technicians will come out to evaluate your home and determine exactly what it needed. Unlike most construction companies, Aloha Construction is not a company that makes up unnecessary work that needs to be done on the house. Aloha will only tell you what it needed for your home in order to keep it in a safe condition.

Aloha Construction understands that home improvements can be needed unexpectedly. Aloha is known for fixing roofs and siding that has been damaged from storms. If you ever happen to experience an emergency with your roof, don’t worry Aloha has your back. They will come out before you can blink to fix your emergency situations, and learn more about Aloha Construction.

In addition to providing emergency service, Aloha also provides their customers with financing. Aloha doesn’t believe that not having money should be a reason why you cannot get your home fixed. Aloha’s financing is easy to apply for. They also have several different options and types of payment plans to choose from. With Aloha you won’t have to worry about putting your home improvement projects on hold because you cannot pay up front.

Over the years Aloha Construction has received several awards for being an upstanding company. They have even received recognition from the BBB. Receiving recognition from the BBB is huge. Aloha has been named one of the most trust worthy businesses within the entire Midwest region. Aloha is a great company, and

Hussain Sajwani Trumps The Competition

Hussain Sajwani is an entrepreneur and businessman based out of Dubai. Sajwani is perhaps most well-known for his different business partnerships with Donald Trump, the current U.S. President. The partners put up a pair of villas and golf courses in Dubai.


After he completed his secondary education, Hussain Sajwani chose to go to the University of Washington. He majored in economics. Following graduation, he worked as a GASCO contract manager.


He next signed on with Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. However, while working for others, he had his sights set on other positions. He had other hopes and dreams he had not yet explored.


Perhaps his earliest investment, Sajwani invested in a catering company. He later went on to put up hotels specifically aimed at hosting travelers who had started to come to Dubai. Soon after, Hussain Sajwani launched his investment firm known as Twilight Investment.


Family Impact

Th Damac owner once told reporters that both his success in business and his life, in general, were inspired by his loved ones. He also said they encourage his well-known entrepreneurial spirit. Sajwani’s mother and father were in business as far back as he can remember. In fact, Sajwani has been involved in his dad’s business enterprises since he was very young. This was where he first gained real work experience and acquired some basic skills that led to his present-day success.



Today Hussain Sajwani is the founder, current chief executive officer (CEO), president, and chairman of the DAMAC Group headquartered in Dubai. The DAMAC Group is an extension of DAMAC Properties, one of the sole real estate-centered ventures in the area, which Sajwani founded in 1982. His never-ending determination, business acumen, and actual real-world work experience are given the credit for the significant success of DAMAC Properties and the birth of additional business investments.


Hussain Sajwani also has international investment projects in other places like London, Riyadh, Jeddah, Doha, Beirut, Amman, Abu Dhabi, and, of course, Dubai. Hussain Sajwani also is a board member of such organizations as the Majan University, the Takaful Company, and the Takaful Company.


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Securus Technologies And The Positive Feedback It Has Received

There is so many information today about Securus Technologies than there is time to read them. Generally speaking, all of this information could give you different and varying views about the latest happenings of Securus Technologies, but who has time to read them all? In this article, we will try to address that issue by giving you the shortest version of all the information available for you today. Shall we start?


The Comments of Users

One of the latest news that you can read about Securus Technologies is the one about how Securus Technologies got a series of comments about how efficient the services and products they offer. In fact, Richard “Rick” Smith, the CEO of Securus Technologies even shared some of the personal letters that they received from satisfied prison officials. In one of the letters, a happy customer even shared the opinion that Securus continues to be an innovative company who offers fantastic tools and solutions for the jail officials’ telephone system. The fact that there is also now a better payment system from Securus makes it even more special to acquire the services of Securus Technologies.


Another comment in the series of letters that Securus received had mentioned that Securus was able to help in the inmate telephone system to make sure that there are now better ways and tools to investigate the different issues happening in the jails.


There’s also another comment who said that for over a decade or two, the jail officials have been relying on the solutions from Securus Technologies in making sure that the detainees can be monitored well enough to reach their loved ones without compromising the quality of the security inside the jails. There’s also a comment from the satisfied customers about Securus Technologies being always reliable and consistent in their service.



Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Has Made Headlines In Brazil

The financial world is focused on Bradesco Bank, which happens to be the top-ranked bank in Brazil. The president, Lazaro De Mello Brandao, has decided to resign. Lazaro feels the bank is going in a more modern direction. Lazaro is in his 90’s, and he feels the bank needs a leader that is more in tune with modern technology and the modern way of life. Lazaro also desires to enjoy the rest of his life in peace.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will be taking over for Lazaro De Mello Brandao. In a recent interview, Lazaro stated that he could not envision anyone else who deserves this position more than Luiz. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, with tears in his eyes, stated he is happy Lazaro is a man of his word. When Lazaro became president, he promised that any important position available would go to a current employee who deserves it. Luiz plans to do the same now that he is the president. Luiz also plans to keep a close relationship with Lazaro in case Luiz faces trouble in the future that he did not expect.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi began his career at Bradesco Bank in his early teenage years as clerk. Luiz climbed the corporate latter and ended up becoming head of the marketing branch after graduating college. After transforming the marketing branch, Luiz was named vice president of Bradesco Bank, and he retained this position from the late 90’s until today. Luiz will keep the vice president position while he is president, and he is the first bank president in Brazil to do this. A new vice president will be put in place by next summer.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi plans to make Bradesco the best bank in Brazil. The first thing Luiz plans to do is add a massive amount of technology to the bank. Luiz wants people to be able to conduct their banking business right from their home. Luiz also working on removing the fee people pay when they withdraw money from a random ATM when using a Bradesco debit card. Luiz is also putting together a program to help people between the ages of 18 and 25 invest in the stock market. Luiz wants young people to know the importance of investing in the stock market. Luiz also wants young people in Brazil to build a proper future for themselves. Brazil has one of the highest poverty rates in the world, but Luiz hopes he can help change that by getting young people involved in the financial world.

As far as Bradesco’s finances are concerned, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi plans to discuss this after the annual Shareholders Conference according to After the annual conference, Luiz is certain he will have a better outlook on the bank’s finances and shares and what to do to improve the current financial system.

The people of Brazil are happy to see Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi become president of Bradesco Bank. Luiz has been a public figure for the last 20 years. He has done great things for the community, and he has assisted with many fundraisers.

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The New Talk Fusion Univesity Progam is Released

The video network marketing solution company, Talk Fusion, created a new training program called, “Talk Fusion University” and broadcasted the launch of this new program live in front of a large audience of internationals. The founder of the company and CEO, Bob Reina will train Talk Fusion members through this new private virtual network hub. With over twenty-five years of experience in the industry of network marketing, Mr. Reina will share his expert advise and skills to thousands of Talk Fusion members. The main focus is to educate the Talk Fusion associates by letting them know that their success will be found by group efforts. Mr. Reina declares that “to generate real income, you can’t just focus on what works for you as an individual, but what the entire team can duplicate.”


It is inevitable for a business that deals particularly with network marketing and direct sales to have a team of people from all sorts of different backgrounds such as: their highest educational level, sales experience, personalities and so forth. To keep it on a fast track towards success, the program was the perfect opportunity to train thousands on the next level. The program hosts more than thirty videos that feature Bob Reina explaining how to appropriately expose their products to others. Talk Fusion University will soon be available with Russian, Japanese, French, Czech, Chinese, German and Spanish translations, it currently only supports English and Bahasa Indonesia.


Talk Fusion was launched in 2007 by the company’s founder and CEO, Bob Reina. The company is notably the world’s first all-in-one suite for video network marketing. Their unique network marketing solutions through video offers a much more engaging, convincing and memorable experience. There are over 140 countries where independent Talk Fusion associates can market their innovative products on a peer-to-peer basis. Some of the products packages offered are video email, Talk Fusion Video Suite and Pro. The company is also committed to giving back and have made many contributions to various charities and animal causes from all over the world. Learn more: