Robert Deignan Entrepreneur journey

Robert Deignan is a respected figure who is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the ATS Digital Services. This is a digital support firm that supports consumers globally with their technological needs. Whether it is general troubleshooting or connectivity issues, the ATS Digital Services helps clients with a wide range of concerns remotely. Mr. Robert was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale locale, Florida, and enrolled at the Purdue University through a full football scholarship.


Robert Deignan achieved a degree in Organizational Leadership. He briefly worked with the Miami Dolphins and NY Jets in 1997 to 1998 before he co-founded Fanlink, Inc. This was his initial of his entrepreneurial ventures. Mr. Robert did not forget about sports as he currently participates in offshore fishing tournaments and at the leading ATS Digital Services. He currently resides at the Miami/Fort Lauderdale location together with his wife and son.


According to Robert Deignan, the idea to start their own business was hatched by another company he used to work for. Before starting the ATS Digital Services, Robert business partner and himself worked for an Anti-Malware Software Company they were experiencing technical issues to have the software installed on the user’s machine.


They had a trial software strategy that relied on users being happy with it and then purchases it after fifteen days of free use. In the year2009, they started experiencing issues with getting their anti-malware product properly installed on the user’s machine. Therefore, they placed a phone contact on the download page that they could communicate with clients to figure out the issues they were facing with the product.


By conversing with users who were downloading their product, they learned that Malware products were being used by rivals to block the installation of their Anti-Malware product. So this is where the whole idea was born. They came up with software that was more advanced, and users were able to download their product. Because of the issues that were being raised by users, Robert with his co-partner decided that it was the time they started their own company so that they could address issues that were affecting users. Their company and their product have been a success worldwide.

Wen Cleansing Shampoo is the Key to Great Hair

Have you had your Wen? The Wen by Chaz hair care line has what you need to maintain gorgeous hair. From styling products to care products, Wen delivers everything needed to keep hair looking its best. According to, after more than 10 years on the market, people still love the brand as much today as the day they first heard the name.


The Wen Hair Care 5-in-1 Cleansing Shampoo is a product that creates sleek, healthy, vibrant hair that accentuates your best features! Hailed by Glamour magazine as one of the best products of 2014, the cleansing shampoo cleanses, detangles, deep conditions, and conditions the hair. Using the product for just three weeks provides noticeable results, including thicker, more manageable hair.



The Cleansing Shampoo is one of the most popular products made by the brand. However, there are many others to help men and women maintain beautiful hair. The website is easy to browse to search the hair care products available. Choose the Wen by Chaz name and rest assured you’re buying hair care products that work the way they promise -or your money back.


The Cleansing Shampoo has a sweet almond smell that lightly penetrates the hair so an all-day clean, crisp smell is noted. With the money-back guarantee offered, users have the assurance the shampoo will do what it says or they don’t pay. There is a reason the Wen brand has been a trusted name for many years now! Need Wen? Get it on

Get great tips from Drew Madden on how to start a successful company

Drew Madden is a renowned entrepreneur who has accomplished many things in his life. He is the best when it comes to advertising a new business and becoming popular. He has been giving other entrepreneurs tips on how to achieve success in their businesses. Those willing to succeed can learn from his business tips, and they can succeed in their endeavors.

Many people are interested in starting a company, but they do not know where to start. But with advanced technology, it is now easy to start a firm and achieve success. With flexibility, an entrepreneur can succeed as long as the services given to clients are quality. If thinking of starting a business, you can also consider doing what you are passionate about.

According to Drew Madden, some businesses require large capital. The entrepreneur has worked with company owners who tried to seek funding while starting a firm but he believes that if you are starting a new business, it is crucial that you start with as little amount as possible. There are various reasons why Drew Madden suggests that you start with little capital. For example, if you start with substantial capital, there is a higher risk than when you start with a smaller capital. That is why many entrepreneurs end up in debt because they made the wrong choices when starting a company. Drew encourages people to start small because he wants to discourage people from acquiring debts and becoming bankrupt.

Drew Madden says those who want to succeed in entrepreneurship must understand the art of advertising their business. You should not assume that clients will immediately start buying your products and services once you start a business. But the truth is that when you start a new business, you must spend time looking for customers. Drew Madden believes that the online platform is critical for those looking to attract new customers. There are many online tools that businesses can use to advertise their products and services online. Many customers expect to interact with business owners online so that they can learn about their products and services. That is why entrepreneurs must ensure they market their businesses.

Neurocore Helps Athletes And Everyday People Live Their Best Lives

The training that the Portland Trail Blazers go through to compete on the basketball court is intense, but it’s not just physical. Recently, the team started working with the neuroscience specialists Neurocore to help their players optimize the way their brain performs. At first, this may seem like science fiction, but the methods that Neurocore uses to help the brain function the way it’s supposed to have helped patients around the United States. See more information about Neurocore at

It may seem strange that athletes are using neuroscience to compete better, but if you consider that the entire body is operated by the brain, it makes sense. By working with Neurocore, the Trail Blazers are able to improve how the function of their cardiovascular systems, respiratory systems, and more. After games and practice, the team makes their way to the brain room where they watch 30-minute videos while wearing the Neurocore Pro. This device monitors the activity in the brain to make sure that they are focusing on watching the video instead of being distracted. When the viewer is distracted, the video pauses and they are reminded to concentrate on their task.

While Neurocore is now helping athletes, they are known for their ability to help patients experiencing various mental disorders. From anxiety to ADHD, most patients report an improvement in their conditions after completing their specialized Neurocore regimen. Many of these patients did not find relief with medication or preferred to take a different approach to mental health.


As neuroscience becomes more understood, the ability for Neurocore to help their patients advances. Their centers are designed to help patients improve their lives through better focus, sleep, reduced stress, energy levels, and other mental health benefits. When the brain is operating better, so does the body. The brain can change and Neurocore teaches their clients how to make this happen without using medication. Through biofeedback, Neurocore is able to see how the brain is functioning and then looks for ways in which it can improve. Instead of relying on chemicals, the brain is able to repair itself in a way without as many potentially harmful side effects. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

Shafik Sachedina Has Significantly Contributed to the Growth of Sussex Healthcare

There comes a point in life when an elderly person is in dire need of specialized treatment. Since the younger generation is somewhat preoccupied, they may fail to offer the necessary assistance to the seniors. The elderly end up turning to organizations such as Sussex Healthcare. They need specialized treatment. Sussex Healthcare provides such services since there is a rising demand from the elderly.

Sussex Healthcare Offers Valuable Services

Sussex Healthcare has 20 operational homes. Each home has trained personnel who cater to the needs of the elderly. If you’re suffering from physical disabilities such as Alzheimer’s or dementia, you can seek help from Sussex Healthcare. Sussex Healthcare offers caregivers a good pay rate. To ensure that the seniors are always in good shape, the homes are equipped with useful machines, food and support team. Patients can engage in multiple co-curricular activities. More services with Shafik Sachedina at Care Opinion.


The leadership of an organization determines its success. A good leader exudes prudent managerial skills to guide employees and influence a positive output. One such leader is Shafik Sachedina. Dr. Shafik Sachedina originally hails from Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania but later relocated to England in 1950. He is a professional dentist who attained his credentials at the University of London.


Apart from practicing dental surgery, Shafik Sachedina is instrumental in community-building activities. He’s served at several institutes that focus on creating awareness regarding the Islamic culture through publications as well as other initiatives aimed at uplifting the same religion. Today, this institution has a big library containing journals and magazines. They promote the Islamic culture. Sachedina is also the head of the Ismaili Organization that operates in about sixteen countries in the world. His responsibility entails ensuring smooth operations in these branches. He’s also the overall coordinator who oversees the activities in the organization. He ensures the delegation of duties in all departments.

Shafik Sachedina is an executive leader in the Islamic community. He oversees decision making and is often concerned about setting the right pace in the institute. Such decision-making capabilities rely on the expertise and leadership skills of an individual with vast experience in management. This implies that Dr. Sachedina is an excellent team leader.



Jeunesse Luminesce

Jeunesse Global is the brainchild of Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. Both have worked for a variety of different companies. Wendy worked at a variety of multi-level marketing companies and began to deeply understand how to succeed at network marketing companies, which is when she decided to start consulting. She was able to rewrite a variety of compensation plans for companies who then began asking if they could provide customer service as well. When she and Randy were at the height of their consulting, they were helping more than 15 different direct sales companies. However, when Randy started having knee pain, he went to a doctor for stem cell treatment in California. While they were there, Wendy discovered a serum using the same research and technology to improve the look and texture of skin.

She and Randy began researching creating a serum that would not only help reduce the appearance of aging but one that would also get absorbed into the skin like the great skincare products available today. They started their company Jeunesse Global to achieve that, using the Youth Enhancement System, or what they call the Y.E.S. The company is present in more than 140 markets worldwide and has grown to be a billion-dollar company.

They have a variety of products to enhance the look of youth. One of their top sellers is Luminesce, a product to restore youthful vitality to the skin while also creating a radiant glow. Luminesce is a complete skincare line that focuses on creating an anti-aging effect by reducing the appearance of wrinkles or fine lines while also adding radiance to the skin. The product was developed by leading dermatologist to create incredibly hydrating creams and serums. It has the exclusive APT-200 that helps maintain smooth and soft skin. Luminesce includes cellular rejuvenation serums that diminish the look of lines while also replenishing the skin with vitamins and antioxidants. The Daily Moisturizing complex is also a part of the line that focuses on providing the skin with hydration while also protecting it from the harmful effects of exposure to the sun through a blend of antioxidants.

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart Prove The Chainsmokers Have What It Takes To Be A Success

The band, the Chainsmokers has experienced some of the fastest growing fan bases of all time. There have been bands that can release one song and the next thing you know, you see them all over the place. The thing with that however is, that in many cases, they fall just as quick as they rose.

For band mates of The Chainsmokers, they have experienced the highs of the music industry. They have won a Grammy, iHeartRadio Music Awards among MTV music awards and many more. They found a fan base and kept them pleased. They not only pleased those fans, they were able to bring more in with new singles being released nearly monthly.

What some might be surprised to find out about the group however is that they have not always been friends. They were not friends in middle school who went in different directions to come across each other again later. They had no idea who the other person was until they were adults. The friendship would come as a result from the duo meeting through a mutual friend, or better known as the manager of the band. It was after the two were introduced to one another that they hit it off and the Chainsmokers were formed.

After meeting one another, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart knew that the pair of them would make something great from their love of music. They shared similar interests in music genres and were open to coming up with new music. The band knew that they wanted to be able to bring a new brand to their fans. They wanted to be able to look back on their careers and think, wow, we made a difference in the music industry. Which they have.

Many of your bands and performers and artists have had to struggle to make a name for themselves. For the Chainsmokers, they have not had to work as hard. They got lucky and found a way to make it to the top of the charts rather quickly. It was then that they reached the top and have stayed there ever since.

Nick Vertucci Revolutionizing Real Estate through NVREA

Nick Vertucci founded a real estate academy that that offers a solution to people trying to venture in real estate but lack the courage due to lack of enough knowledge in the sector alternatively some people fear the risks involved in real estate. Nick Vertucci Company Inc. gets support from investors. The organization offers practical lessons to willing individuals with interest in changing their fortunes through tried and tested methods from the group.

Nick Vertucci came from a well-off family but when his father passed thing broke, his mother had to work more hours to support them at one point he lived in a van, and it is thus he embraced the philosophy that the past does not define the future. He started a business by selling computer parts, but the company faced a significant challenge on the way. A friend of his invited him to a real estate seminar, from where he continued learning more about real estate for close to ten years, he developed a system that allowed him to make money off real estate from the knowledge he had acquired. With success in the order, he got inspired to help other people learn it and come out of debt. From his understanding, he realized that vast number of people have the drive but lack the knowledge to drive into the business.

With the NVREA academy, Nick Vertucci and the team of the industry experts, they offer success from finding a trade to repairing a property and selling it for a profit. The academy teaches its students on. Wholesaling and flipping deals, rehabbing and flipping investments, commercial investments, leveraging IRA to fund expenditures and buying holding properties for long-term cash flow.

Strategies for creating income with a 12-18% annual interest, learning on how to use people’s money to fund and fix investment properties and build a portfolio, balancing real estate with daytime jobs, tips on networking with experts, and using self-directed retirement accounts as capital. It helps in creating the business while earning tax fee profits and tax differed advantages. The methods are proven to bring success. A former student from the institute has given testimony of the success they have gained after going through the institution.

More important the academy teaches three essential steps. Step one involves finding a suitable offer in step two consists in preparing the flip to be it wholesale or retail and the final stage which is cashing in the flip. The academy established in 2013 and its fame has made it the hot cake in the market.

Rocketship Education Is Rigid, Relaxed And Takes Care Of Kids

Rocketship Education is not the only charter school system in the United States. However, it is worthwhile to talk about when it comes to the positive nature of charter schools. Many people do not pay any mind to the charter school issue, and do not discuss it. However, there are many people who passionately have arguments for and against charter schools. The arguments on both sides are pretty valid. However, it is without a doubt that charter schools provide alternative routes for students who need more than what their local, inner-city school districts can give them.

Inner-city schools have the reputation for being large places where individual kids disappear within crowds of students and become invisible. These schools are known to just be holding pens for loads of kids until school lets out in the afternoons. Behavior problems, neglect and low grades result. Rocketship Education tries to avoid these problems by putting more tender, loving care into educating the children that they are taking responsibility for.

Rocketship Education puts extra, extra emphasis on the things that are important for the achievement of students. These things include nurturing the talents of up-and-coming adults, encouraging parent-involvement and paying attention to the individual needs of every child.

There are thirteen locations in the Bay Area, two locations in Nashville, two locations in Milwaukee and two locations in Washington D.C. The vast majority of children who attend Rocketship Education’s schools are African American and Hispanic. The fact that large amounts of Hispanic kids attend these school is shown in the fact that many schools in the Bay Area have Spanish names. For example, Los Suenos Academy, Si Se Puede Academy, Fuerza Community Prep and Futuro Academy all show that there are large numbers of Latino children in their student bodies.

If you want to see images and video footage of Rocketship’s schools and students, there are plenty online. The children have to wear uniforms in order to attend these schools. There is a relaxed, rigid atmosphere of learning.

Jason Hope’s Bold Move in Business and Charity Environments

Jason Hope is an illustrious entrepreneur and an investor based in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is also a futurist who extends charitable deeds to the less fortunate. He is a passionate researcher who has a fascination with writing about the Internet of Things (IoT).

The Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is a unique network of individuals with exceptional talents, skills, and trades including entrepreneurship and philosophy, public and private sector— and despite their different career paths, they share the same passion for “playing” with technology to make it available to individuals and communities that require it.

Internet of Things does more than just bringing experts with an affinity for digital development together; it nurtures new startups and aspiring entrepreneurs. The Creative Acceleration Workshop, led by a pair of experts, each from IoT and creativity is dedicated to intensive research and development. Its purpose is to help companies and new businesses to explore channels that open up alternative avenues and discoveries of new products and services in the context of technological solutions. It is a learning experience through brainstorming and storytelling where participants share their skills, qualities, and creativity to bolster the creative process. For more information read about Jason Hope at

Jason Hope Philanthropy

Jason Hope believes that philanthropy is one of his main focus. He has stretched his charitable deeds toward different organizations that have come from various facets of his life. Notably, his significant contributions go to SENS, a research institute in providing anti-aging solutions to offer communities a better way of life.

During 2010 Christmas celebrations, Jason Hope donated $500,000 to the global biotechnologies research institute based in California. SENS main focus is to produce and promote rejuvenation biotechnologies to better tackle age-related diseases.

Hope’s philanthropic efforts are evident in his push for better education, curing diseases, biotechnological researches that have saved many lives and transformed communities across the world. He is a staunch advocate for quality education programs as well as promoting organizations whose services are focused on disease prevention and control. For instance, Jason Hope has funded many organizations most notable The Andre Agassi Foundation and Family Health International. Besides, his philanthropic deeds Jason is also dedicated to politics as linked to business throughout Arizona.