Treating Eye Disease with Sightsavers

Remember, throughout the day, and our eyes are frequently exposed to UV rays, dust, or excessive light. Also, low levels of omega-3 have been associated with eye diseases including macular degeneration. Furthermore, check out Sightsavers to find out more.

There are also methods that make it possible to correct visual disorders, by various means of mental relaxation and eye exercises. Also, if you place your palms in the shape of a shell on your closed eyes for a few minutes, you will help your eyes. The eye is thus relaxed, and this will spectacularly improve its capacities.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of elements to include in its diet, to guarantee the excellent conservation of the state of your eyes, to see its improvement. Therefore, essential nutrients for your eyes are found naturally in oranges, spinach, peas, peaches, cabbage, kiwi, and eggs. Also, the green cabbage is a rustic vegetable consumed in a bowl of soup, or as a garnish, can be a faithful ally of your eyes.

As is often the case in naturopathy, what is essential is to compensate for deficiencies and regulate excesses (toxins, sugar, and tension) to allow the sick organ to regenerate itself. Remember, spending hours in front of a screen can also cause eye fatigue.