Dick DeVos Is a Spirited Man

Why bother with a life that doesn’t have a positive impact on anyone? Why lead a life that’s hollow and meaningless? There are many great things about being alive. The ability to make essential changes is only one of them. Dick DeVos certainly has things that make him feel great. He also doesn’t hide the fact that he has a lot of dissatisfaction. There are many people in his position who would choose to turn a blind eye to all of the world’s problems. DeVos never ever does that, though. Betsy DeVos doesn’t ever do that, either. She’s his humanitarian wife. They get their hands dirty. They don’t brush off issues that affect society. They don’t simply pretend that they don’t exist like so many others do. That just isn’t their style.


Dick DeVos wants to safeguard the cities, towns and communities that he cherishes. He cherishes Grand Rapids in Michigan for clear reasons. He’s been leading an idyllic Michigan existence for ages. His wife has a similar Michigan background. Holland, Michigan is her cozy home. DeVos tries his best to stop problems from affecting Grand Rapids. He loathed an arena construction effort that was a possibility in 1991. His emotions prompted him to lobby against the notion. There are some people who let dissatisfaction and anger consume them. DeVos is nothing like these individuals. He doesn’t let negative feelings eat him up inside. He analyzes scenarios and then comes up with solutions that can help him feel a lot better. He devises promising solutions that can be advantageous to other people in the world, too. DeVos doesn’t only think about his own well-being. He likes being able to help others. That prompted him to begin his involvement in politics. That prompted him to be the best businessman possible toward the start of his enviable career, too.


There are many factors that may have brought on DeVos’ charitable and sincere personality. Amway is a company that has a strong recognition factor all around the planet. It’s actually his family business. DeVos spent his youth watching his father manage all sorts of entrepreneurship duties. This may have sealed the deal for him. DeVos has been a solid team member for so many companies over the years. He’s been the big guy at Amway. The Windquest Group is another business that has gotten a lot from DeVos’ abilities. The Windguest Group is in lovely Grand Rapids on Monroe Avenue.


DeVos is fascinated by airplanes and aviation overall. This naturally has encouraged his interest in airports. He focuses on assisting Michigan airports in many ways. Gerald R. Ford International Airport tends to the travel requirements of people who are based in and around Grand Rapids. It used to flounder in the direct route department. That just isn’t the case right now, though. People who are happy about that can show DeVos gratitude. People who have a thirst for aviation knowledge can show him gratitude, too. Aviation education is among his biggest recent causes.


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“She’s completely ideologically focused.”

Such a statement was made of Betsy DeVos, the current Secretary of Education, to emphasize her lack of reality. She has been regularly accused of being ignorant, unproductive, and unprepared. Yet, strung throughout Richard Perez-Pena’s criticism of DeVos’ place in the Trump Administration, which appeared in the New York Times on 23 February 2017, there was a hint of acclaim. He did not praise her ideology; in fact, it was made quite clear that DeVos’ agenda to reform the American education system falls short of understanding the reality millions of children face. However, credit was given to her aggressive political prowess. According to multiple sources, though she appears composed in public when challenged, DeVos meets criticism with aikido and allows it to fuel her campaign for school choice. The point, according to Perez-Pena, is that despite DeVos’ miscalculations that have created a shoddy solution to the wrong problem, DeVos can play politics with the big shots, and she sports an impenetrable poker face. It is questionable, however, whether the criticism fuels progress, or simply allows her to sit comfortably in the driver’s seat—on autopilot.


DeVos grew up in a wealthy Michigan family, attended private schools, never received loans to pay for college, worked at her father’s auto parts company, and believes that public schools and private/charter schools should receive equal public monetary support. She encourages vouchers and voucher-like programs that foot the bill for private/religious schools with public funds, a phenomenon many believe blurs a fundamental line between church and state. Though she remains poorly-versed in basic terms like “proficiency” and “growth,” she smiles sweetly and insists that school choice will improve the country’s lagging yields in education.


DeVos appeared in the New York Times after she disagreed with President Trump’s recension of the law allowing transgender students to use the school bathroom corresponding to the gender with which they identify. Despite her loss, DeVos seemed indifferent, instead castigating the “receiving,” (rather than proactive), tone of public school educators in Florida (to no effect). Though Perez-Pena may have misjudged her proficiency astride the political giant, he is right about one thing: her poker face is guarded by more than Secret Security. It is quite difficult to tell whether she is for Trump, or for traditional, conservative views of education. Because, according to the latest trends, you can’t be both.


Read https://www.theatlantic.com/education/archive/2017/01/delving-into-one-of-the-questions-betsy-devos-couldnt-answer/513941/ to learn more.

The Philanthropic Giving of the Dick & Betsy Family Foundation

Dick and Betsy DeVos are a power couple in the business and political arenas. I was surprised to learn that the couple is also exceptionally active in the philanthropy realm. Betsy DeVos credits her parents with instilling the values of stewardship and giving back in them from an early age.


Betsy DeVos found her passion for politics at an early age. During her time in college she became very active with numerous political groups. She is a Republican supporter and was appointed to serve as the United States Secretary of Education. She has held the position for a relatively brief time, yet has already worked tirelessly to bring forth legislation and to start conversations about the state of education in America.


In a recent article, she spoke about her personal views on our country’s education system. She noted that the level of education is not up to par, especially for low income areas. She is an avid supporter for school choice. Giving students greater access to schools has been a centerpiece of the change she is trying to bring about in her role as U.S. Education Secretary.


Political views aside, Betsy DeVos has a foundation – The Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation – that donates millions of dollars annually to worthy causes. The primary focus of that giving revolves around education, as she seeks to make a difference both through the political aisles and from a philanthropic standpoint.


A recent breakdown of the DeVos Family Foundations charitable giving revealed just how strong their contributions to education are. Of the $11 million dollars donated in 2015, over $3 million of that went directly to education related programs. For example, she is a strong supporter of Charter Schools as an alternative to public schools. In 2015 she donated $150,000 to Success Academy Charter Schools, and also pledged an additional $150,000 in future donations. She orchestrated the donation of $5,000 to the non-profit charter school company GREAAT Schools.


Betsy DeVos also donates to local educational programs that are near and dear to her heart. One prime example is a Christian School in Grand Rapids, Michigan called the Potter’s House. The school received $200,000 in 2015. This donation will provide scholarships to children in low income areas that are unable to afford the tuition otherwise.


She is also a driver of school choice and provided $100,000 to the non-profit Alliance for School Choice and $50,000 to the Foundation for Excellence in Education.


This level of philanthropy from Betsy DeVos is an inspiration. It showcases how a great amount of wealth can make a difference in individual lives as well as fund needed programs. Her work alone in education reform, both philanthropic and political, showed me how one person can make a wave of difference in our entire country.


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