Eric Lefofksy brings data innovations to cancer treatment

One of the most exciting developments in medicine over the last 20 years has been the ability to begin sequencing every genome of every person. When the first human genome was sequenced back in 2003, the cost was over $100 million. This incredible expense made it completely prohibitive to begin sequencing the individual genomes of medical patients. However, by 2017, the cost of sequencing an individual human genome had dropped all the way to $5,000. This incredible reduction in the price of the technology meant that almost every medical patient can have their complete genome sequenced, potentially leading to major breakthroughs in the treatment of all sorts of different diseases and learn more about Eric.

Eric Lefkofsky, the famed internet entrepreneur and medical philanthropist, has seen this incredible new opportunity in this wealth of potentially game-changing data and has decided to create a platform that will allow physicians to make instant use of the most nuanced data ever seen in medicine. Lefkofsky first had the idea for the system when a family member was diagnosed with cancer. Over the course of two years of attending oncology appointments and treatment sessions, Lefkofsky was dismayed to discover that many oncologists today are operating with data systems that are not even up to the level of those used by over-the-road truck drivers. He knew that there must be a better way to get crucial data into the hands of treating physicians and more information click here.

Lefkofsky had the idea to found Tempus, a company dedicated to the creation of sophisticated data collating and analytics platforms for medical use. Lefkofsky believes that this system will be able to change the way in which physicians and particularly oncologists treat their respective patients. Even without the use of extensive human genomic data, such incredible developments as the power of machine learning will be able to be harnessed in order to answer difficult and complex questions on the spot, radically improving the level of care that doctors are able to provide for their patients and his Website.

Whereas prior to Tempus, physicians were required to oftentimes wait for the completion of major studies to answer questions such as why one group of patients responds better to a certain class of drugs than another group of patients, with Tempus, Lefkofsky believes, it will be possible for these physicians to answer such questions instantaneously, without the need of expensive and long-lasting studies and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

Eric Lefkofsky’s Fight to Find a Cure

Eric Lefkofsky, co-founder of a technology company working to battle cancer called Tempus, is the CEO of this company. Alongside his work for Tempus, he has also started his charitable private foundation that works to enhance the lives in many different communities. After graduation from the University of Michigan, he became a professor and author and more information click here.

Aside from his work at the University of Chicago, Eric has been working diligently with Tempus to find a cure for cancer. Event though he is 47 years old, Eric wants to find a cure. When his wife came down with the terrible sickness, Eric chose to step in and help start Tempus with the intention of finding a cure and learn more about Eric.

In several interviews, Eric Lefkofsky has spoken about the difficulties involved with starting a company like this. He was confused about where to even begin with something so difficult and confusing as a cure for cancer. Together, with his friend and business partner, Lefkofsky took a more data-driven approach to attacking the difficulty that is cancer treatment. They used a machine to look at the different sequences of a patient’s tumor so they could formulate a better plan to treat that specific tumor.

Since fighting cancer has been so personal to Eric, he has found a more driven ideal toward finding the right cure. He has been building a patient library of molecular, clinical means and then tailoring a system to make this information better for various physicians. Tempus has also teamed up with many different partners and healthcare organizations like many universities and Mayo Clinic. Oncologists also work at these different cancer centers where they send their patients to be put in the clinical library.

This process requires quite a bit of medical knowledge and expertise, but Tempus is not a medical company. Instead, it is a tech company that works with data instead of direct patients. The company has many people already on board, and it is adding new people each week. Tempus measured success will come in the next few years when the research and data begin to pay off by saving lives. Eric Lefkofsky has even gone so far as to say that Tempus might be his most successful company to date and Eric’s lacrosse camp.