Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart Prove The Chainsmokers Have What It Takes To Be A Success

The band, the Chainsmokers has experienced some of the fastest growing fan bases of all time. There have been bands that can release one song and the next thing you know, you see them all over the place. The thing with that however is, that in many cases, they fall just as quick as they rose.

For band mates of The Chainsmokers, they have experienced the highs of the music industry. They have won a Grammy, iHeartRadio Music Awards among MTV music awards and many more. They found a fan base and kept them pleased. They not only pleased those fans, they were able to bring more in with new singles being released nearly monthly.

What some might be surprised to find out about the group however is that they have not always been friends. They were not friends in middle school who went in different directions to come across each other again later. They had no idea who the other person was until they were adults. The friendship would come as a result from the duo meeting through a mutual friend, or better known as the manager of the band. It was after the two were introduced to one another that they hit it off and the Chainsmokers were formed.

After meeting one another, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart knew that the pair of them would make something great from their love of music. They shared similar interests in music genres and were open to coming up with new music. The band knew that they wanted to be able to bring a new brand to their fans. They wanted to be able to look back on their careers and think, wow, we made a difference in the music industry. Which they have.

Many of your bands and performers and artists have had to struggle to make a name for themselves. For the Chainsmokers, they have not had to work as hard. They got lucky and found a way to make it to the top of the charts rather quickly. It was then that they reached the top and have stayed there ever since.