Boraie Development: Bringing Changes to New Jersey Communities

Boraie Development is one of the leading property developers in the state of New Jersey. The company managed to create a partnership between the city governments of Newark, New Brunswick, and Atlantic City. In Newark, the company partnered with Shaquille O’Neil to build a residential skyscraper in the heart of the city. The $79 million apartment tower called One Rector Street, and popularly known as Shaq Towers, will be the newest skyscraper in the city in more than fifty years. The building will be completed by May 2019, and it will be built near the Passaic River to give it a scenic view. The tower has 22 floors, and it is estimated to be around 90 meters high. Shaquille O’Neal thanked Boraie Development for choosing his home city to be the location of their future construction projects. Boraie Development stated that they will be developing the site that they purchased and more apartment towers will be built near the One Rector Street in the future.

Aside from Newark, Boraie Development is also active in constructing residential buildings in the city of New Brunswick. The central piece of their project in the city is The Aspire, a luxury residential building that offers a lot of amenities to the public. The tower was built because Boraie Development wanted to attract more residents to live in the city. They installed each unit with quartz countertops, high-quality hardwood, expensive carpets, and exclusive appliances. Each unit can also be installed with a balcony upon request. Those who purchased a unit at The Aspire stated that they loved living in the city’s downtown because most of the establishments are accessible. Boraie Development also said that the people living inside their units are protected from any dangers outside because of their roving security forces that are highly trained to protect the residents. The Aspire will be the first development of the company in the city, and just like their plans in Newark, the property development firm said that they are considering the construction of additional towers.

Boraie Development continues to change the cityscape in New Jersey, and with the projects that they introduced, the company believes that many people will come back to New Jersey to live. The state’s development has been overshadowed by the economic performance of New York City, which is one of the biggest cities on Earth. Boraie Development is optimistic that their residential projects will drive the economic growth in Newark, New Brunswick, and Atlantic City.

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