South Korea and Malcolm CasSelle Inventive Ideologies About Blockchain

Malcon CasSelle is the president of the WAX company (Worldwide Asset eXchange) and CIO of a leading online shop for buying and selling video games, OPSkins firm. Mr. Malcon has worked with various companies such as tronc, and SeaChange Int`l where he left remarkable changes. He is an active investor in multinational companies such as Facebook and Zynga. He is also a co-founder of telecom, a public traded company, located in Hong Kong. Malcon CasSelle, a speaker of both Japanese and Mandarin, studied at MIT and Stanford University graduating with a degree in computer science from both universities.

Malcolm CasSelle Introduce Blockchain to Gaming

Malcolm has been recognized for his efforts in digitalizing online games to accommodate the use of digital currency and the latest invented cryptocurrency. WAX, the company Malcolm works for, has a decentralized platform where anyone can freely operate a virtual market, which has no investment security, infrastructure or payment processing. The process of buying and selling is carried out with Tokens which enhances virtual goods to be tokenized and then they are exchanged for the cryptocurrency.

Many countries globally are accepting the digital currencies as its proven in South Korea where the judiciary legalized Bitcoin trading. South Korea according to statistics holds the largest cryptocurrency market after America and Japan. Cryptocurrency market in Korea is firmly rooted in the culture based on several trends, the first trend being the gaming industry. Malcolm CasSelle believes the market for block-chain based technology will promote WAX ecosystem together with its audience as the interest for gaming is rising.

The situation of blockchain in Korea is firmly established in such a way the country can serve the current matters through blockchain as well as possibilities it would encounter. Not only serving through as digital currency, but Blockchain mechanism also serves as a means of delivery of various resources such as computing power and data to many industries.

Many small businesses have gained an opportunity to compete in global markets as blockchain is easily accessible. South Korea acceptance to Blockchain serves as an inspiration to other global institutions to do the same.

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