Neurocore Helps Athletes And Everyday People Live Their Best Lives

The training that the Portland Trail Blazers go through to compete on the basketball court is intense, but it’s not just physical. Recently, the team started working with the neuroscience specialists Neurocore to help their players optimize the way their brain performs. At first, this may seem like science fiction, but the methods that Neurocore uses to help the brain function the way it’s supposed to have helped patients around the United States. See more information about Neurocore at

It may seem strange that athletes are using neuroscience to compete better, but if you consider that the entire body is operated by the brain, it makes sense. By working with Neurocore, the Trail Blazers are able to improve how the function of their cardiovascular systems, respiratory systems, and more. After games and practice, the team makes their way to the brain room where they watch 30-minute videos while wearing the Neurocore Pro. This device monitors the activity in the brain to make sure that they are focusing on watching the video instead of being distracted. When the viewer is distracted, the video pauses and they are reminded to concentrate on their task.

While Neurocore is now helping athletes, they are known for their ability to help patients experiencing various mental disorders. From anxiety to ADHD, most patients report an improvement in their conditions after completing their specialized Neurocore regimen. Many of these patients did not find relief with medication or preferred to take a different approach to mental health.


As neuroscience becomes more understood, the ability for Neurocore to help their patients advances. Their centers are designed to help patients improve their lives through better focus, sleep, reduced stress, energy levels, and other mental health benefits. When the brain is operating better, so does the body. The brain can change and Neurocore teaches their clients how to make this happen without using medication. Through biofeedback, Neurocore is able to see how the brain is functioning and then looks for ways in which it can improve. Instead of relying on chemicals, the brain is able to repair itself in a way without as many potentially harmful side effects. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

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