Rocketship Education Is Rigid, Relaxed And Takes Care Of Kids

Rocketship Education is not the only charter school system in the United States. However, it is worthwhile to talk about when it comes to the positive nature of charter schools. Many people do not pay any mind to the charter school issue, and do not discuss it. However, there are many people who passionately have arguments for and against charter schools. The arguments on both sides are pretty valid. However, it is without a doubt that charter schools provide alternative routes for students who need more than what their local, inner-city school districts can give them.

Inner-city schools have the reputation for being large places where individual kids disappear within crowds of students and become invisible. These schools are known to just be holding pens for loads of kids until school lets out in the afternoons. Behavior problems, neglect and low grades result. Rocketship Education tries to avoid these problems by putting more tender, loving care into educating the children that they are taking responsibility for.

Rocketship Education puts extra, extra emphasis on the things that are important for the achievement of students. These things include nurturing the talents of up-and-coming adults, encouraging parent-involvement and paying attention to the individual needs of every child.

There are thirteen locations in the Bay Area, two locations in Nashville, two locations in Milwaukee and two locations in Washington D.C. The vast majority of children who attend Rocketship Education’s schools are African American and Hispanic. The fact that large amounts of Hispanic kids attend these school is shown in the fact that many schools in the Bay Area have Spanish names. For example, Los Suenos Academy, Si Se Puede Academy, Fuerza Community Prep and Futuro Academy all show that there are large numbers of Latino children in their student bodies.

If you want to see images and video footage of Rocketship’s schools and students, there are plenty online. The children have to wear uniforms in order to attend these schools. There is a relaxed, rigid atmosphere of learning.

Jason Hope’s Bold Move in Business and Charity Environments

Jason Hope is an illustrious entrepreneur and an investor based in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is also a futurist who extends charitable deeds to the less fortunate. He is a passionate researcher who has a fascination with writing about the Internet of Things (IoT).

The Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is a unique network of individuals with exceptional talents, skills, and trades including entrepreneurship and philosophy, public and private sector— and despite their different career paths, they share the same passion for “playing” with technology to make it available to individuals and communities that require it.

Internet of Things does more than just bringing experts with an affinity for digital development together; it nurtures new startups and aspiring entrepreneurs. The Creative Acceleration Workshop, led by a pair of experts, each from IoT and creativity is dedicated to intensive research and development. Its purpose is to help companies and new businesses to explore channels that open up alternative avenues and discoveries of new products and services in the context of technological solutions. It is a learning experience through brainstorming and storytelling where participants share their skills, qualities, and creativity to bolster the creative process. For more information read about Jason Hope at

Jason Hope Philanthropy

Jason Hope believes that philanthropy is one of his main focus. He has stretched his charitable deeds toward different organizations that have come from various facets of his life. Notably, his significant contributions go to SENS, a research institute in providing anti-aging solutions to offer communities a better way of life.

During 2010 Christmas celebrations, Jason Hope donated $500,000 to the global biotechnologies research institute based in California. SENS main focus is to produce and promote rejuvenation biotechnologies to better tackle age-related diseases.

Hope’s philanthropic efforts are evident in his push for better education, curing diseases, biotechnological researches that have saved many lives and transformed communities across the world. He is a staunch advocate for quality education programs as well as promoting organizations whose services are focused on disease prevention and control. For instance, Jason Hope has funded many organizations most notable The Andre Agassi Foundation and Family Health International. Besides, his philanthropic deeds Jason is also dedicated to politics as linked to business throughout Arizona.