The Approach by Ara Chackerian to Providing Alternative Health Solutions Incorporating Technology

Ara Chackerian is a common name in San Francisco in the areas of philanthropy and business. His business career focuses on helping the community especially the healthcare sector. In this sector, Chackerian has gained skills tailored to incorporating healthcare services with technology. Besides, his community development efforts spun to youth issues and environmental concerns. His latest community-based venture is the Limonapa Teak, which uses agriculture techniques that limit destruction of the environment. The firm utilizes practices that conserve the local environment. Indeed, this is a rare area of investment for most entrepreneurs, but Ara Chackerian shares the energy and drives behind his latest venture with Limonapa and areas of healthcare services.




The steps for building an alternative health solution integrating technology wasn’t easy for Ara Chackerian. Together with his business partner, the development took over ten years culminating in the form of treatment known as TMS Health Solutions. The therapy focuses on psychiatry, particularly in the treatment of a depressive disorder known as transcranial magnetic stimulation. With this method, physicians can provide patient-centered treatment using a carefully designed model. The model has helped give a serene and relaxing environment for patient treatments – a fundamental environment for mental disorders patients. You can visit his page.





Despite providing an efficient model for treating disorder patients, Ara Chackerian notes that sustaining healthcare system is not only a problem of third world countries. In fact, developed countries are worried alike. In the US, for instance, the biggest concern is to maintain good healthcare systems which guarantee longer living, but at affordable costs. On the other hand, developed nations like France and Japan are focusing on how to sustain their operations. It is true that first-world countries have advanced systems, but maintaining proper funding is the biggest problem. This is coupled with the constant public demands for free health care services. For more details visit




About Ara Chackerian




Ara Chackerian is a marketing degree holder from the Florida State University. He is the MD of ASC Capital Holding, which partners or invest in companies providing alternative healthcare solutions. The San Francisco-based entrepreneur is also an avid philanthropist. His philanthropic activities focus on giving back to the community through youth support programs, education, and environmental conservation.


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Treating Eye Disease with Sightsavers

Remember, throughout the day, and our eyes are frequently exposed to UV rays, dust, or excessive light. Also, low levels of omega-3 have been associated with eye diseases including macular degeneration. Furthermore, check out Sightsavers to find out more.

There are also methods that make it possible to correct visual disorders, by various means of mental relaxation and eye exercises. Also, if you place your palms in the shape of a shell on your closed eyes for a few minutes, you will help your eyes. The eye is thus relaxed, and this will spectacularly improve its capacities.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of elements to include in its diet, to guarantee the excellent conservation of the state of your eyes, to see its improvement. Therefore, essential nutrients for your eyes are found naturally in oranges, spinach, peas, peaches, cabbage, kiwi, and eggs. Also, the green cabbage is a rustic vegetable consumed in a bowl of soup, or as a garnish, can be a faithful ally of your eyes.

As is often the case in naturopathy, what is essential is to compensate for deficiencies and regulate excesses (toxins, sugar, and tension) to allow the sick organ to regenerate itself. Remember, spending hours in front of a screen can also cause eye fatigue.

The Different Activities Of Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos has achieved a lot in his life. He has been involved in many different activities. Most of them are geared towards rebuilding the community of Detroit. He is aware of a lot of the issues that this city is faced with. Therefore, he wants to be a part of the solution so that people living there can have hope. He uses his money to fund many different projects in order to improve the property value of the area. One of the areas that gets a lot of his focus is the education area. He has helped change the way schools are run with the school choice initiative.


Dick DeVos has also put Grand Rapids on the map. One thing about the Grand Rapids is that it had a lot of troubles, and it was going to stop service. However, Dick DeVos has brought forth some funding and insights that have gotten them to continue with their services so that they will be able to work with customers. The majority of Dick DeVos’s acts of charity have gone towards schools. One thing that he is not going to do is just give out resources to people without teaching how they can work for their own resources.


One thing that Dick DeVos wants to teach people is how to experience independence and an abundance mindset. One thing about employees is that they are often at the mercy of their job. They are also one step above losing everything and being like the people that are suffering because they are impoverished and unable to find work. The person who is willing to be creative and find solutions to their issues is going to be the one who gets back on his feet and succeed with whatever objective he has.


One of the best things about being independent like Dick DeVos is that this brings the ability to help people on a large scale. Independent and successful businessmen can also fund facilities that can help with the most important aspects of their communities. One thing that they can do is look for an area of the community that is suffering the worst. Then he can raise funds for this area. Dick DeVos has done something like this with the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. He not only funds different organizations, but also collects donations that can be put towards improving the resources of the city.


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Anil Chaturvedi Discusses the Reasons It is the Best Time for European Companies to Invest in India

Anil Chaturvedi is a famous banker as well as a philanthropist. Along with his wife Kiran Chaturvedi, he has formed a charity organization named Kiran and Anil Chaturvedi Foundation that is active in the field of volunteering and providing financial assistance to the underprivileged. Over the last few decades, Anil Chaturvedi has contributed greatly to the banking sector through his expertise and experience. He is highly qualified finance professional with BA degree in Economics Honors from Delhi University and MBA from FMS College, Delhi. Anil Chaturvedi began his professional journey into the world of banking by joining as the manager at State Bank of India of its business development and marketing. In the four years that he worked with State Bank of India at its New York Office, he managed to bag the business of more than $500 million for the bank. It is what helped him earn the title of Man of the Year at State Bank of India.

Anil Chaturvedi is a leading financial professional and believes that in the world of ever-changing dynamics in the industry, it is important for the financial professional to keep learning and to grasp the changing market trends. It is what would help the business and banking professionals to give accurate and timely service to the clients. He was also associated with the leading wealth management firm, Merrill Lynch for nearly eighteen years during which he learned a lot about how the banking and financial world operates. The specialization of Anil Chaturvedi lies in the mergers and acquisitions, corporate banking, institutional banking, and more. He has helped many medium to large-sized enterprises with their distressed investments and reviving distressed assets.

Anil Chaturvedi has been working hard to help foreign companies invest in India. The new foreign investment rule that has recently been changed by the Indian government has a lot of benefits to foreign companies. The law has been eased to facilitate better foreign operations. Even the business climate in India has changed, and the government is more open to building strong ties with other nations who want to invest in their country.