The Humongous Asset That Is Ara Chackerian

If there is one thing that has been a guiding principle in Ara Chackerian’s life, it would be going the extra mile. It doesn’t matter whatever facet of its life it might be.Simply put, he wants to be the best, whether it be in business or in philanthropy. You can visit his

Ara Chackerian is the managing partner in ASC Capital Holdings, LLC., which has established itself as a leading investor in early-stage healthcare companies. He also is heavily involved as a co-founder in TMS Healthcare Solutions. This company has been instrumental in establishing transcranial treatments for those who are afflicted with depression that is resistant to treatment.

One of the things that Ara Chackerian Focuses on would be out-of-the-box solutions for these often-overlooked medical problems. For example, at TMS Healthcare they desire to treat the whole person, not just their depression. One of the ways they accomplish this would be through social media and cell phone apps. They also attempt to foster a collaborative environment with highly-trained positions and full attention to detail in every aspect right down to the design of their building. For Ara Chackerian, It was important to ensure that every patient does not get the feeling they are going to yet another doctor. Instead, Ara Desires patients to feel they are going to a place of Serenity and relaxation. In his experience, it is crucial for those with psychiatric disorders to have this feeling.

Besides his business interests, Ara Chackerian also has a deep desire to give back. he currently sits on the board of directors for the Nor Luyce mentoring center, based in Armenia. This current philanthropic project serves as a mentoring program for Young Armenian women who are looking to transition into adulthood. The idea to establish this charity was born in 2009 when Ara and his father Richard visited the country that Richard’s father emigrated from to the United States.

There is no question that Ara Chackerian sleeps quite well at night simply because of the fact that where most people are only able to give back in one area, Ara is able to do it and two areas – both in his healthcare investment endeavors and in his charitable activities as well.

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