Dick DeVos Is a Spirited Man

Why bother with a life that doesn’t have a positive impact on anyone? Why lead a life that’s hollow and meaningless? There are many great things about being alive. The ability to make essential changes is only one of them. Dick DeVos certainly has things that make him feel great. He also doesn’t hide the fact that he has a lot of dissatisfaction. There are many people in his position who would choose to turn a blind eye to all of the world’s problems. DeVos never ever does that, though. Betsy DeVos doesn’t ever do that, either. She’s his humanitarian wife. They get their hands dirty. They don’t brush off issues that affect society. They don’t simply pretend that they don’t exist like so many others do. That just isn’t their style.


Dick DeVos wants to safeguard the cities, towns and communities that he cherishes. He cherishes Grand Rapids in Michigan for clear reasons. He’s been leading an idyllic Michigan existence for ages. His wife has a similar Michigan background. Holland, Michigan is her cozy home. DeVos tries his best to stop problems from affecting Grand Rapids. He loathed an arena construction effort that was a possibility in 1991. His emotions prompted him to lobby against the notion. There are some people who let dissatisfaction and anger consume them. DeVos is nothing like these individuals. He doesn’t let negative feelings eat him up inside. He analyzes scenarios and then comes up with solutions that can help him feel a lot better. He devises promising solutions that can be advantageous to other people in the world, too. DeVos doesn’t only think about his own well-being. He likes being able to help others. That prompted him to begin his involvement in politics. That prompted him to be the best businessman possible toward the start of his enviable career, too.


There are many factors that may have brought on DeVos’ charitable and sincere personality. Amway is a company that has a strong recognition factor all around the planet. It’s actually his family business. DeVos spent his youth watching his father manage all sorts of entrepreneurship duties. This may have sealed the deal for him. DeVos has been a solid team member for so many companies over the years. He’s been the big guy at Amway. The Windquest Group is another business that has gotten a lot from DeVos’ abilities. The Windguest Group is in lovely Grand Rapids on Monroe Avenue.


DeVos is fascinated by airplanes and aviation overall. This naturally has encouraged his interest in airports. He focuses on assisting Michigan airports in many ways. Gerald R. Ford International Airport tends to the travel requirements of people who are based in and around Grand Rapids. It used to flounder in the direct route department. That just isn’t the case right now, though. People who are happy about that can show DeVos gratitude. People who have a thirst for aviation knowledge can show him gratitude, too. Aviation education is among his biggest recent causes.


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