Lori Senecal Success in Advertising

Lori Senecal career has been marked with great achievements. Her spirit of hard work was instilled at a young age through her aspirations to be a leader. Being a last born in her family, she was determined to gain her own recognition and not overshadowed by her siblings. Lori reveals to Laura Dunn in an interview her dreams of becoming a leader at a tender age.

Lori Senecal graduated from McGill University with a bachelors in Commerce. She has since then grown into a successful advertising leader through working with the best advertising companies. She has achieved great outputs and industry recognition due to her efforts in transforming firms. She achieved a remarkable milestone in her career working at Kirshenbaum Bond &Partners. Lori joined the small firm while it faced challenges of employee retention and growth.

Senecal managed a team of two hundred employees who were constantly leaving due to lack of satisfaction. This was a huge challenge for the new leader who was tasked with ensuring the company achieved growth and was able to retain its employees. Lori’s stay at the company led to great growth and expansion from a small firm to a globally recognized company with over nine hundred employees. She was able to execute strategies to manage teams and gain clients. Her huge success was recognized and earned her several awards. This marked a breakthrough into her career and provided her with a competitive edge in the industry. Check out GCReport to see more.

Lori later joined MDC Partners as a chief executive officer a position she still holds despite joining Crispin Porter & Bogusky. At MDC, Lori is responsible for overseeing the global strategy execution and brand development. She is tasked with developing innovative products to enhance its market share. Senecal is proud to be associated with both firms and has been managing their operations ensuring their activities do not overlap.

Senecal is a well-rounded manager who continues to steer growth of the firms and achieving her personal and career growth. Her success has attracted contracts with big firms such as BMW, Coca Cola and Nestle to improve their global presence. She recently spoke at 3% conference

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