Bob Reina: Believe In Yourself Again

A lot of people have lost faith in themselves and the reason they have lost faith in themselves is because life has beaten them down, worn them down, and really put them in a bad way. Life can do that to people. However, it is how they respond that really tests their mettle and shows what they are worth as human beings. When the going gets tough, do they give in and throw in the towel? Or do they stand up and fight? One thing they can be sure of: Bob Reina is going to fight for them and he is going to be there until the bitter end. He refuses to hear that people are unhappy or they are not living the best version of themselves.


It is why he founded Talk Fusion all the way back in 2007. It is hard to believe they have been around for a full decade as a company. However, anyone that knows Bob Reina, the former police officer, should not be surprised by this growth in the company. In fact, in 2016, they won the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. Bob Reina loves solutions and it is the reason why he started the company in the first place. He truly cares about people and he wants them to believe in themselves.


He knows that once they start to believe in themselves, anything is possible for them. As the old expression goes, the sky is really the limit and there is not a single thing that can stop them or get in their way. They are truly unstoppable when they start to believe in themselves and go out there and make their dreams a reality. They are in control of the situation as opposed to the other way around where they have to listen to someone else point a finger in their face and tell them how they should be living their lives.


That is not anyone’s place to be doing that, and Bob Reina believes that, stands behind it, and will do everything in his power to protect it through thick and thin.

Louis Chenevert is a Successful Leader

Louis Chenevert worked for over ten years at General Motors before joining Pratt & Whitney business unit of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). After six years of working at Pratt & Whitney in Canada, Louis was elected the company’s president of the entire division in 1999. He served as its president for seven years before being moved to UTC as the president and chief executive officer.

His tenure at UTC has been linked with tremendous achievements including increasing its worth close to $100 billion. According to many entrepreneurs, this can be impossible within a short time, but Mr. Chenevert managed to pull out this worth in a single year. One of his primary objectives as a leader at UTC was to acquire Goodrich. After one year of negotiations, they settled on a deal worth $ 18.4 billion for the acquisition.

At UTC, Louis Chenevert believes in investing in people and not only in the high-end technology to improve the business. He made a personal objective from the time he signed to lead UTC that he will use his expertise and knowledge to take the company to the next level not as he found it.

According to Louis, investing in the right technology takes a firm far but investing in the right people takes it even further. This principle is proved in UTC’s program, Employee Scholar Program which takes care of the expense of employees who wish to pursue studies in their respective disciplines. Over 40,000 employees have obtained their degrees courtesy of the program.

Under Chenevert’s leadership, UTC achieved many projects. He used his forward-thinking ability to choose the best projects. For example, UTC’s Pratt & Whitney wing won the lobby to manufacture a second alternate engine for the US Air Force, and with Chenevert’s hard work it became the primary supplier of the F-35 engine to the US government.

The UTC’s Sikorsky aerospace system unit grew to be the largest manufacturer of helicopters in America. It manufactures equipment like sensors, brakes, actuators, landing gear, flight controls and the Geared Turbofan (GTF) engine. Louis Chenevert resigned on December 8th, 2014. He later joined Goldman Sachs, working as an Exclusive Advisor at its Merchant Banking Division and still expresses his hardworking skills.

Be Prepared! – For Your Health Screening Tests Through LifeLine Screening

Lifeline Screening is the health screening process that may be the lifesaving procedure that will save your life.

Through Lifeline Screening you have the opportunity to look into your future. View what health events are going on in your body today, and what health events you can avoid that may be detrimental to your life and more information click here.

In preparing for your Life Screening adventure you want to simply prepare for this eventful day:

What To Expect When You Arrive For Your LifeScreening Tests

  • Wear loose clothing, nothing tight, and not a one-piece outfit (2-piece outfit, top, and bottom)
  • Do not wear lotion or oil. These items interfere with the testing results.
  • Turn off your cell phone as the transmissions will also interfere with testing results.
  • Take a deep breath, relax, and be comfortable. There are no invasive tests happening, and the more relaxed you are the more accurate your testing results and Life Line’s lacrosse camp.


Types of Tests Available Through LifeScreening

  • Expect a warm welcome from the staff.
  • Visit the Welcome Desk and register your arrival for your appointment.
  • You will be sent to a waiting area while your testing area is being setup.
  • When the medical staff is ready to proceed with your selected tests you will be shown to the area where the tests will be performed.
  • Atrial Fibrillation Screening
  • Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening
  • Vitamin D Screening for Deficiency
  • Test for Congestive Heart Failure
  • Caroid Artery Disease Screening
  • Cholesterol Levels
  • COPD Screening
  • Lung Cancer Screening
  • Osteoporosis – Bone Density Measurements
  • Arterial Disease
  • Other screening tests offered


These lifesaving screenings offered at exceptionally low costs are vital to the well-being of everyone and should not be overlooked. These are tests that insurance companies charge patients considerably more if performed in a doctor’s office or hospital. Yet, Life Line Screening has created the opportunity for everyone to receive these vitally important tests at a low affordable cost to the patient.

Visit and make an appointment for desired tests in your area, at your convenience, and have your health questions answered about your health concern.

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