Fabletics Rides A Wave Of Positive Reviews To Find Success

The Fabletics brand of athletic wear has been rising to higher levels of success than have ever been seen since the company was formed in 2013. Recent growth in revenue has seen a 200 percent rise to more than $230 million in revenue across 2016 with more than one million members having joined the subscription service offered Online and has also seen a rise in its physical presence at various locations across the U.S.; over the course of the last few years, Fabletics has seen a rise in its use of social media and review sites as the company has looked to remain in touch with the changing advertising and marketing techniques that are replacing the traditional use of TV and newspaper advertisements.


There are many reasons for the success of Fabletics, including the innovative nature of the lifestyle quiz each person considering Fabletics should undertake as they attempt to develop a personalized subscription service for each of their members. Another reason for the success of Fabletics is the fact the company has been able to mobilize the power of the crowd in a way many of their competitors have failed to over the course of recent years; Fabletics is now finding itself rising up the rankings on search engines as recent studies have shown the greater the number of positive reviews a company receives the higher they rise on search engine results.


Although the number of positive reviews obtained by Fabletics has been impressive the arrival of Kate Hudson as one of the main partners and brand ambassadors for the company has also had a positive effect on the position of the brand in the view of many consumers. The “Almost Famous” actress has become a major part of the success completed by the company in its short life as she plays a major role in many different areas of the work of the company, including the design and marketing of the clothing produced by Fabletics. Kate Hudson still classes as an actress first and business person second who believes so much in the work of the company that she wears the leisure wear on a regular basis and directs her own marketing videos used by the company via the social media platforms both Kate Hudson and Fabletics use on a regular basis.

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