Gino Pozzo Encourages People to Become Watford Fans

Gino Pozzo Encourages People to Become Watford Fans

Gino Pozzo became famous by participating in lower division football clubs gearing them into higher levels leagues in their home countries. He owns the Watford club and is currently among the top richest guys in sorting in Europe.In his early life, he demonstrated high interest in sporting. His family was well known for a continuous loyalty to Udinese club. he holds a master’s degree from Harvard University. He became more involved in its frequent club operation in 2013.

The family of Gino Pozzo is best known for its culture and interest in football. It gained much reputation when his father bought Udinese club in the year 1986. This grew to be one of the assets for generating huge profits for the entire family. This family is known to take part in woodworking during the times of acquisition. Currently they have invested in various disciplines in Spain such as managing and operating electrical appliance business in the country. This family has grown to extend of global recognition since the time it purchased and managed the Udinese club.

In order to bring more attention and dedicate most of their time in football clubs, the family leased the woodworking business in the year 2008. Gino Pozzo claims that he enjoys football and he works hard to do it. He has been termed as one of the intelligent club owners in Europe and beyond.

The purpose of buying the Udines club was to assist their local club solve various financial difficulties they were facing. With a short period of time, Udinese club improved from series B to Champions league. With intensive experience gained after buying in Udinese Club, the family utilizes the same strategy applied in raising Udinese from scratch to manage and run Watford operations.



Rick Cofer Supports the Movement to Discourage the Use of Single-Use Plastic Bags

Rick Cofer is one of the many Austin residents who supports the bag ban movement. He is a criminal defense attorney in Travis County. He hopes that large retailers will continue not issuing single use plastic bags for free. He is in a better position to understand plastic littering because he served on the board for the Austin Parks and Recreation and the Pease Park Conservancy. The attorney served in the Solid Waste Advisory Commission during the plastic bag development.

The Austin plastic bag ban came into existence following a series of events. In April 2007, The Austin City Council sought to regulate the use of single-use non-compostable plastic bags. The city manager evaluated and recommended strategies for limiting the use of the bags. In the following year, the Austin City Council reached a resolution to cut the plastic bags getting into the waste stream by fifty percent within a year and a half. However, a study revealed that they didn’t achieve the target. The need for banning single-use plastic bags intensified going into 2011 and beyond.

In 2012, the efforts to ban the single-use plastic bags materialized with Austin City Council making the ban official in 2013. Greg Abbot, attorney general, came out to say that plastic bag bans are legal if they are not aimed at “solid waste management”. Lawsuits were initiated to counter the ban on plastic bags. There was a conflict between the state law on solid waste management and the plastic bag ban. In 2016, the ban was declared unlawful, a decision that was opposed by many professionals including Rick Cofer. The Texas Supreme Court upheld the Texas Fourth Court of Appeal’s ruling to declare the ban illegal. The City of Austin was forced to lift the ban.

Spencer Cronk, Austin City Manager, released a statement regarding the effectiveness of the plastic ban. Rick Cofer Law said that the plastic bag nuisance had reduced by 70% for the time it was in effect. Several other organizations and individuals attested to the effectiveness of the ban to reduce plastic bag littering. According to a research, most people wanted the single-use plastic bags away from stores. This means that the Austin residents don’t want the use of the plastic bags to continue being used despite the Supreme Court ruling.

Customers have powers to keep plastic bags away from stores because they can refrain from buying goods from stores that give out the bags. The general feeling in Austin is that plastic bags have no place in today world owing how it contributes to environmental degradation. Activists are out to rally for not use of the plastic bags. Despite the court ruling, the responsible efforts put by citizens are rendering fruits. With the support and guidance of experienced professionals such as Rick Cofer, the war will be won without breaking or bending any law. Rick Cofer is an experienced Austin-based criminal defense attorney whose specialties include drunk driving, juvenile criminal defense, family violence, marijuana charges, expunctions, and jail release.

Article Title: Vijay Eswaran, the QI group Co-founder and the Revolutionary Entrepreneur

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Vijay Eswaran who traces his roots back to Indian was born in Malaysia. He is a philanthropist and has authored six books. Vijay founded the QI group and he is the Executive Chairman of the company. The company has grown to become a multinational in over 30 countries with its headquarters in Hong Kong.

Background and career

He worked as a taxi driver to fund his education in London and eventually graduated with a degree in Economics. According to Vijay Eswaran, the QI group idea was birthed from the QNET and the network marketing idea from his university days. After being skeptical about network marketing for some time, he decided to analyze and study it and finally realized that the idea could actually work and could be a solution for the economic chaos the world over. The QNET is a company is a direct selling network that combines the direct selling method with e-commerce. It grew and expanded so fast and became a market leader in the Philippines.

QI group

He saw it as an opportunity for something great for the economist. The world is changing and everything is being replaced with computers and automation is taking place in the world. Soon in the world, everything will be using Artificial Intelligence. The QI group realized there would be no jobs and because things would be done without the people. Their main Aim is to Create Entrepreneurs. According to Vijay Eswaran, the idea came from his university days but the real reason for the idea is that he had become tired of poverty and wanted serious money seriously.

Vijay Eswaran is passionate about guiding entrepreneurs into their potential making him establish the Quest International University Perak in lieu with the government in 2011. The growth by the QI is fascinating as they are in the process of developing a QI city that will host the QIUP headquarters with a hospital, accommodation and rental spaces.

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The work of noted producer Heather Parry

Heather Parry 

Heather Parry is the president of Live Nation Productions, and more importantly, has been the mastermind behind some of the hottest films out, such as “A Star is Born” that has easily been one of the most popular films of the past year. After Parry heard that Bradley Cooper would be directing the film it made her want to work with him on it and she recounts letting the producers know how passionate and enthused she was to want to work with them. The rest is history as her team helped on the film. Heather Parry is the sole leader of Live Nation Productions and has brought them continued success with her ability to network with some of the biggest names out there, her energy, and hard work ethic. She launched the company back in 2015 and under her vision the team has created some interesting films such as “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: A Bad Boy Story,” “Five Foot Two,” “Believer,” and “The After Party,” among many other documentaries and films. Parry is known as a creative individual who is always after it to produce more work and plans to craft documentaries on Noah Cyrus, Kim Petras, and other films in the near future. Heather Parry started her career working for MTV for quite some time producing some notable films with Adam Sandler and a movie with 50 Cent. She later became the head of Adam Sandler’s company called Happy Madison Productions. Heather Parry states that these ideas just come from speaking with talented artists and actors. According to an article on, “Believer” raised many intriguing questions among the LGBTQ with the rising rate in suicides among that community of people. Heather Parry worked with the film that had Dan Reynolds, who is the lead singer of Imagine Dragons at the forefront. The film is just another one that has been raved by critics and fans with Heather Parry as the mastermind behind it all.

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Sam Jejurikar Does Plastic Surgeries And Other Life-Changing Procedures

Sam Jejurikar knew since he was young that he wanted to be involved in the medical field. He studied hard through high school with the hope of one day becoming a surgeon, and he was accepted into the University of Michigan. And, while he was taking classes there, he learned to love plastic surgery and the great work that could be done through it. He went on to the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute for his residency and learned from some great doctors there.

Sam Jejurikar is busy every day with people who come to him for surgeries and procedures and getting them done both in the operating room and his office. He spends his days talking with many people who want to have work done and doing follow-up appointments after surgeries. And he enjoys doing the actual surgeries themselves because he knows that he is making a difference for how someone looks. He makes sure to always talk with his patients about what they want from the surgeries, and he is always trying to use the most modern practices so that his patients will need as little recovery time as possible. He takes his time talking with each of his patients before they choose to have work done to make sure that they understand the procedure and what it means.

Sam Jejurikar is excited about learning more about non-surgical procedures, such as Botox. He wants to give his patients the option for that kind of procedure whenever possible. And, he says that one of the reasons why he has been able to be good at what he does is because of who he works with. His staff feels like family, and he makes sure to always pay them what they deserve. And, he gets their respect and cooperation because of that.

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Yanni Hufnagel’s Big Move

Yanni Hufnagel led the men’s basketball team at Harvard University to their first ever win during March Madness. As his reputation has grown, he is now moving to Vanderbilt University as the new assistant coach. He knew that it was an opportunity he could not pass up.

He has given some of the reasons why he is choosing to move to Nashville which are the warmer weather, cool city, fantastic university and the similarities of Vanderbilt and Harvard. Vanderbilt belongs in the SEC, has more scholarships and sends some of their top players onto the NBA. Yanni enjoys the city of Nashville, where Vanderbilt is.




Because of his comprehensive resume, basketball teams and colleges seek him. The people at Harvard are having a hard time saying goodbye, and he will miss the team as well. Yanni Hufnagel has been one of the best college recruiters for men’s basketball for years. He has had extensive relationships with a few NBA stars like Blake Griffin and Jeremy Lin.


He has defined and specific traits that he looks for in potential players. He looks for young men that can be taught and are ready to learn. Yanni wants men that will listen and be willing to be guided in their sport to become winners. He also wants to find men that he wants to be around. He will have talks with them so he can get to know them and their personalities. He wants to see if they can work well together.


As for the job itself, he is very grateful and genuinely enjoys his career. Yanni Hufnagel goes into it every day with a positive attitude and knows that everything will work out. He has a lot of high hopes for the future in basketball recruiting and is happy knowing that he has been able to coach or work alongside some of the best basketball players. Read more about Yanni on



South Korea and Malcolm CasSelle Inventive Ideologies About Blockchain

Malcon CasSelle is the president of the WAX company (Worldwide Asset eXchange) and CIO of a leading online shop for buying and selling video games, OPSkins firm. Mr. Malcon has worked with various companies such as tronc, and SeaChange Int`l where he left remarkable changes. He is an active investor in multinational companies such as Facebook and Zynga. He is also a co-founder of telecom, a public traded company, located in Hong Kong. Malcon CasSelle, a speaker of both Japanese and Mandarin, studied at MIT and Stanford University graduating with a degree in computer science from both universities.

Malcolm CasSelle Introduce Blockchain to Gaming

Malcolm has been recognized for his efforts in digitalizing online games to accommodate the use of digital currency and the latest invented cryptocurrency. WAX, the company Malcolm works for, has a decentralized platform where anyone can freely operate a virtual market, which has no investment security, infrastructure or payment processing. The process of buying and selling is carried out with Tokens which enhances virtual goods to be tokenized and then they are exchanged for the cryptocurrency.

Many countries globally are accepting the digital currencies as its proven in South Korea where the judiciary legalized Bitcoin trading. South Korea according to statistics holds the largest cryptocurrency market after America and Japan. Cryptocurrency market in Korea is firmly rooted in the culture based on several trends, the first trend being the gaming industry. Malcolm CasSelle believes the market for block-chain based technology will promote WAX ecosystem together with its audience as the interest for gaming is rising.

The situation of blockchain in Korea is firmly established in such a way the country can serve the current matters through blockchain as well as possibilities it would encounter. Not only serving through as digital currency, but Blockchain mechanism also serves as a means of delivery of various resources such as computing power and data to many industries.

Many small businesses have gained an opportunity to compete in global markets as blockchain is easily accessible. South Korea acceptance to Blockchain serves as an inspiration to other global institutions to do the same.

Robert Deignan Entrepreneur journey

Robert Deignan is a respected figure who is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the ATS Digital Services. This is a digital support firm that supports consumers globally with their technological needs. Whether it is general troubleshooting or connectivity issues, the ATS Digital Services helps clients with a wide range of concerns remotely. Mr. Robert was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale locale, Florida, and enrolled at the Purdue University through a full football scholarship.


Robert Deignan achieved a degree in Organizational Leadership. He briefly worked with the Miami Dolphins and NY Jets in 1997 to 1998 before he co-founded Fanlink, Inc. This was his initial of his entrepreneurial ventures. Mr. Robert did not forget about sports as he currently participates in offshore fishing tournaments and at the leading ATS Digital Services. He currently resides at the Miami/Fort Lauderdale location together with his wife and son.


According to Robert Deignan, the idea to start their own business was hatched by another company he used to work for. Before starting the ATS Digital Services, Robert business partner and himself worked for an Anti-Malware Software Company they were experiencing technical issues to have the software installed on the user’s machine.


They had a trial software strategy that relied on users being happy with it and then purchases it after fifteen days of free use. In the year2009, they started experiencing issues with getting their anti-malware product properly installed on the user’s machine. Therefore, they placed a phone contact on the download page that they could communicate with clients to figure out the issues they were facing with the product.


By conversing with users who were downloading their product, they learned that Malware products were being used by rivals to block the installation of their Anti-Malware product. So this is where the whole idea was born. They came up with software that was more advanced, and users were able to download their product. Because of the issues that were being raised by users, Robert with his co-partner decided that it was the time they started their own company so that they could address issues that were affecting users. Their company and their product have been a success worldwide.

Wen Cleansing Shampoo is the Key to Great Hair

Have you had your Wen? The Wen by Chaz hair care line has what you need to maintain gorgeous hair. From styling products to care products, Wen delivers everything needed to keep hair looking its best. According to, after more than 10 years on the market, people still love the brand as much today as the day they first heard the name.


The Wen Hair Care 5-in-1 Cleansing Shampoo is a product that creates sleek, healthy, vibrant hair that accentuates your best features! Hailed by Glamour magazine as one of the best products of 2014, the cleansing shampoo cleanses, detangles, deep conditions, and conditions the hair. Using the product for just three weeks provides noticeable results, including thicker, more manageable hair.



The Cleansing Shampoo is one of the most popular products made by the brand. However, there are many others to help men and women maintain beautiful hair. The website is easy to browse to search the hair care products available. Choose the Wen by Chaz name and rest assured you’re buying hair care products that work the way they promise -or your money back.


The Cleansing Shampoo has a sweet almond smell that lightly penetrates the hair so an all-day clean, crisp smell is noted. With the money-back guarantee offered, users have the assurance the shampoo will do what it says or they don’t pay. There is a reason the Wen brand has been a trusted name for many years now! Need Wen? Get it on

Get great tips from Drew Madden on how to start a successful company

Drew Madden is a renowned entrepreneur who has accomplished many things in his life. He is the best when it comes to advertising a new business and becoming popular. He has been giving other entrepreneurs tips on how to achieve success in their businesses. Those willing to succeed can learn from his business tips, and they can succeed in their endeavors.

Many people are interested in starting a company, but they do not know where to start. But with advanced technology, it is now easy to start a firm and achieve success. With flexibility, an entrepreneur can succeed as long as the services given to clients are quality. If thinking of starting a business, you can also consider doing what you are passionate about.

According to Drew Madden, some businesses require large capital. The entrepreneur has worked with company owners who tried to seek funding while starting a firm but he believes that if you are starting a new business, it is crucial that you start with as little amount as possible. There are various reasons why Drew Madden suggests that you start with little capital. For example, if you start with substantial capital, there is a higher risk than when you start with a smaller capital. That is why many entrepreneurs end up in debt because they made the wrong choices when starting a company. Drew encourages people to start small because he wants to discourage people from acquiring debts and becoming bankrupt.

Drew Madden says those who want to succeed in entrepreneurship must understand the art of advertising their business. You should not assume that clients will immediately start buying your products and services once you start a business. But the truth is that when you start a new business, you must spend time looking for customers. Drew Madden believes that the online platform is critical for those looking to attract new customers. There are many online tools that businesses can use to advertise their products and services online. Many customers expect to interact with business owners online so that they can learn about their products and services. That is why entrepreneurs must ensure they market their businesses.